Finished listening to: Doctor Who: Galaxy Four by William Emms. Read by Maureen O’Brien. 🎧 📚 (Audible) Read by one of the First Doctor’s companions. Curiously, the text makes several references to this not being the Doctor’s first incarnation, something implied during “The Brain of Morbius.” So, given that Time Lords get 12 regenerations unless accomodation is made…. Anyway, after purchasing this I discovered that an animated version, restoring lost episodes, is due out in a few weeks.

📷 October Photo Challenge Day 31: Home. I look forward to the half-price sales tomorrow so I can afford to celebrate Halloween year-round at home. 🎃

📷 October Photo Challenge Day 30: Red

Red and other-colored leaves against the bark of a tree

Discovered while trying to find screenshot of planet Meta signal: Big Finish is now making audio dramas for “Space: 1999”? Yes please thank you. 🚀

In the premiere episode of “Space: 1999” (1974), a probe has been sent to the rogue planet Meta. At the end of the episode they receive a transmission from the planet, represented as a computer-generated waveform. Looks familiar in recent press. Cosmic coincidence (or not).

“There are no lines in the real world, so don’t paint them.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

📷 October Photo Challenge Day 28: Underneath

📷 October Photo Challenge Day 27: Chaos. Perhaps more chaos theory.

Finished reading: Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation by Elaine Pagels 📚