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Finished listening to: Space: 1999: Volume 01 from Big Finish. 🎧 📚 Hmm. High production values. Excellent music. Great to hear the same sound effects in new contexts. Some retellings of original episodes; some new, which were so-so. Not crazy about some of the reimagining.

Finished listening to: Doctor Who: Galaxy Four by William Emms. Read by Maureen O’Brien. 🎧 📚 (Audible) Read by one of the First Doctor’s companions. Curiously, the text makes several references to this not being the Doctor’s first incarnation, something implied during “The Brain of Morbius.” So, given that Time Lords get 12 regenerations unless accomodation is made…. Anyway, after purchasing this I discovered that an animated version, restoring lost episodes, is due out in a few weeks.

Currently listening to: On the Nature of Things by Lucretius. Read by Hugh Ross. 🎧 📚 (Audible) Ross, whom I have listened to as Macbeth and also in the “Doctor Who” audio spinoff series “Counter-Measures,” is very good with this. He puts on a voice instead of doing a straight-out read, which threw me for a few minutes at first, and then I got it. It’s written in first person anyway, and Ross’ additional enthusiasm combined with the uniqueness of his voice makes me feel like Lucretius himself is narrating. Given the somewhat snarky tone the text sometimes takes as Lucretius bashes other philosophical deductions, it all works.

And it was written in the first century B.C.? Fascinating – because he just ain’t wrong.

“Nature works with unseen particles.”

”… there is a void in matter.”

Finished listening to: Cannery Row (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) by John Steinbeck. Read by Jerry Farden. 🎧 📚 (Audible) I read this many years ago. A very rare case in which I prefer the movie (1982), which I saw first, to the book. But I recently learned the movie is based on both Cannery Row and its sequel, Sweet Thursday, so maybe the element I admire in the movie is from the latter. A good reading by Mr. Farden, who is ideal for the material, and of course it’s a delightful book.

Finished listening to: How the Medici Shaped the Renaissance. 🎧 📚 Concise, clear information. One of the best from the Great Courses. Very good presenter. Perhaps well-served by the six-hour format as opposed to the usual 12-hour behemoths.