String Theory: Using Bunny's Image Optimizer

Not everyone knows a query string from a shoestring. I didn’t. And when’s own demonstration is wrong, it only makes things worse.

Through, a content distribution network for images (as I understand it), you can add values for parameters such as image width and brightness by appending them to the end of the URL address for the image in your address bar. More than one parameter can be added to the “string.” This feature has been added to the way you can handle your images on This is a great addition to the photo storage service that is among’s wonderful array of offerings.

The string starts with a question mark: ?. Additional values are connected with an ampersand: &.

Bunny’s demonstration on this page, image below, shows the string starting with an ampersand. This will lead to a 404 page. It should start with a question mark. The values listed on this page start with a question mark, but do not demonstrate what they look like when more than one are connected. To me, this was confusing.

Screenshot from showing example URL.

To use these parameters, add them to the end of the image link, directly after “.jpg,” beginning with a question mark:


Add additional ones separated with an ampersand:


Simple as that. I just wish Bunny’s demonstration was accurate.