Be Strong and Courageous

On a walk I stumbled upon a sign — a placard, a painting — facing outward in a second-story window of a house, in a back room. On it were the words “Be Strong and Courageous,” with a painting of a lion beside it. There were more words, smaller, under the first, but they were too far away to make out.

Who is the sign for?

Facing outward from a window behind blinds, it is not for the inhabitant to see. From a back room on a second floor, with some words hard to read, it is not much noticeable. It must be for passersby — who happen to look up; who happen to notice — and really just for neighbors walking by or living by, since it is on a side street and only visible if one is leaving.

It’s a good sign to see but hard to see. So I thought I’d place it here too — for those who happen to glance up; who happen to notice.