How to Insert Character Names With Hotkeys in Obsidian

If you’re a fiction writer, you type the same character names into your documents a lot β€” as in, alotalot. Assigning shortcut keys to automatically fill in these words can save a lot of keystrokes. Alotalot of keystrokes. In the olden days, we had “macros,” with which you could assign a set of keystrokes to automatically fill in a word, but these seem to have changed to “behaviors” and I can’t make heads or tails of how to do them now.

It might not be immediately apparent, but you can use a plugin to assign hotkeys to insert character names in your text in Obsidian in a way reminiscent of the old macros.

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Horses, Mountains, and an Apple

Did Apple Let Slip That We Are Living in George Orr’s Dream?

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